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Preventive Children's Program

Kids Dental Care, Orangeville Dental

Our Preventive Children’s Program helps Orangeville kids to establish good oral hygiene habits early, to set them up for a lifetime of great dental health! 

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About The Preventive Children's Program

Our Preventive Children's program helps kids to educate themselves about oral hygiene, and learn about their mouths. We believe this knowledge helps children develop the skills they need for a lifetime of dental health and wellness.

Our Preventative Children's Program helps to educate kids about their oral health.

We strive to accomplish the following at your child's preventive care appointment:

  • Using a coloured disclosing solution, we will check the child’s at-home oral hygiene progress. This solution reveals both old and new plaque on the teeth, thereby showing us any areas the child may be missing when brushing;
  • We will ask the child to demonstrate their brushing and flossing technique, and work with them to make improvements;
  • We will demonstrate the benefits of fluoride by brushing it on instead of using the “in mouth” tray technique. This helps to reinforce the brushing methods taught earlier in the appointment;
  • We will discuss proper nutrition and make snack suggestions; and,
  • Finally, IT’S FUN!
Preventive Hygiene Program For Children in Orangeville

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