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Healthy Baby Teeth

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Healthy primary (baby) teeth are extremely important for children's healthy development. Our team at Orangeville Dental Centre is here to help new parents navigate their baby's dental care needs.

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Dentist Checkup For Babies in Orangeville

The Importance of Primary Teeth

Although they will eventually fall out, baby teeth serve an important purpose. They fulfill many crucial functions such as:

  • Aiding in the development of enunciation and speech production.
  • Allowing the child to chew food sufficiently.
  • Preserving space for the adult teeth.
  • Preventing the tongue from posturing abnormally in the mouth.  

If baby teeth are lost prematurely, the adjacent teeth can shift into the gap, leading to impacted adult teeth and misalignments, and potentially resulting in years of orthodontic treatment.

The moment the first primary tooth emerges, it is at risk for tooth decay. The first tooth usually appears around the age of six months.

A checkup with a dentist is recommended before the age of one in order to avoid tooth decay, and to identify any developing problems early. Request Appointment

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