For Kids

Recently, we’ve introduced our Preventive Children’s Program, which has received a phenomenal response. For years we have been cleaning children’s teeth while they waited patiently (more or less) in our treatment rooms.

As of today, your child will clean their mouth for us while we watch and help them learn a better way. This enables the child to self educate themselves and learn about their own mouths. Children benefit from this and now have the tools for a lifetime of dental health and wellness.

A few of the things we accomplish at the appointment are:

  1. Checking the child’s progress at home, using a coloured disclosing solution. This picks up old and new plaque on the teeth, noting any areas the child may be missing when brushing.
  2. Modifying the child’s brushing method, based on individual need and dexterity levels.
  3. Teaching the benefits and methods of flossing.
  4. Demonstrating the benefits of fluoride by brushing it on versus the “in mouth” tray technique (this also emphasizes the newly learned brushing methods taught earlier in the appointment).
  5. Teaching proper nutrition and making snack suggestions.
  6. And finally, IT’S FUN!

In the future, we will see your child twice as often as in the past, give him/her more than twice the personal attention, give him/her fluorides twice as often, and give him/her infinitely more skill training – ALL AT NO INCREASE IN COST over our old system.

We are very proud of our program and continue to strive towards improvement.